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Magick of Music


Linnaijeous Powell, American Entrepreneur (5/27/1993) “Blackmagick Floe”

Raised in Virginia Beach, VA, Magick has been writing music since the age of six; recorded his first official record (On Fire feat Solomon Midgette) at the age of fifteen. Since then, has had an insatiable passion for creating music and conducting his own business affairs, founding the company, Magick Malicia in early 2023.

Latest Single: RPG

Latest Album: Magick Hours 2.5

we love music we love music


“I breathe hip-hop. I breathe music in general. I can’t really recall a time I wasn’t creating it. This is single-handedly one of the most important projects to me for a few different reasons but one being it was my first completely original product. I financed the entire production of it. I marketed it myself. I followed through with what I wanted to do regardless of what others around me were doing at the time or were thinking about. I somehow had in insane amount of focus at a young age and always channeled it through to my music. This opened the door to me continuing to develop as a artist. I also changed my name at this time almost as if divinely. I know why but even still it’s kind of hard to articulate but it’s almost like I unlocked a new more powerful version of myself”