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Blackmagick Floe – My Mixtape II
Blackmagick Floe – My Mixtape II
Takes them to play My Mixtape ll by Blackmagick Floe

Blackmagick Floe – My Mixtape II

My Mixtape ll – Short but fiery release of remixes of popular songs such as “Pimping aint Easy” & “Durag Activity” Blackmagick Floe always delivers a unique energy for us to enjoy. Be Sure to check out his complete catalogue here on the website on behalf of Soundcloud, Audiomack and Youtube.

On all streaming platforms will you find all other music such as “Magick Hour” and self-titled “Blackmagick Floe

FUN FACT: Did you know BlackMagick Floe used to go by Mista Flo? We also have some of his music he made as a kid when he first started. If you come across anymore of his old mixtape music send it to us so we can add it to our collections thank you!