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The Importance of a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is of the utmost importance. Accordingly, most people have health complications due to poor eating habits. What constitutes a healthy diet, is food that supports all functions and processes of the mind, body and spirit. Anti-inflammatory food in combination with a low added sugar diet can do wonders for one’s body chemistry. As a matter of fact, at the end of the week in conjunction with intermittent fasting, I gained a massive boost of energy. Consequently, purely elizabeth quotesthis increased my mood, focus and my skin also cleared up.

I saw a quote on the back of a purely elizabeth bag that said, “80% of the time eat for your health and the other 20% indulge in whatever you like.” I honestly couldn’t agree more since coupled with exercise of the body and mind; you will feel noticeably different. Take good supplements tailored to your body’s specific needs; I take shilajit, probiotics, collagen, sea moss with bladderwrack and occasionally I’ll throw in ashwagandha.

Eat better you will feel better; the two are interconnected far more than we have originally theorized. It is a proven fact, that if you eat a healthy diet and move your body, you will feel better and perform better at life. Start with small sacrifices and switches or substitutes. Like swapping out sugar for monk fruit or stevia. Swapping out regular white enriched breads for sprouted grain bread, try Ezekiel brand. Switching your sweetened yogurt to unsweetened or sweeten it yourself with little organic honey. Small changes can make big improvements. You’re not too busy to care about your one body. You owe it to yourself to feel good. Restaurants that are health conscious and affordable are appearing everywhere. I have grown to really like Cava and Clean Eatz. The old excuse of “eating healthy is expensive” is extinct.

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