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Juandissimo – Blackmagick Floe

Blackmagick floe of Magick Malicia releases a captivating and playful visual for “Juandissimo”. In essence, a fairly oddparents reference made into “trap melody” and were here for it. See guest animated appearances from Cosmo, Wanda and even Remy Buxaplenty in this fun montage shot by Media Machine Films.

“As a child, cartoons were always a part of my daily ritual, as well as music. What better way to combine both pieces of childhood than Nickelodeons very own Fairly Oddparents. (Although I liked Cartoon Network best) Juandissimo was always a colorful character to me and I don’t think his flashy and comical ways were highlighted enough in the show. He could have his own spinoff and it would go crazy so I had to make a song about him”

Despite the shows story information, it has been speculated that Wanda’s child could have potentially been created with Juandissimo Magnifico becase of the eye color of Poof. (Wanda and Cosmo’s beloved child…)

Juandissimo is a track featured on Blackmagick Floe’s project Magick Hours

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Blackmagick Floe at Selfie Wrld in  Virginia Beach, VA
Blackmagick Floe

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